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And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us. Acts 16:9

Mizpah Prayerline

Mizpah prayer line was estherblished september 2013, The lord gave us this vision to reach out to the families whose prayer altars has been broken.and also to stregthen the youth who has lost their prayer life and those who do not know GOD. 1st SAMUEL 7 ;5 ,6 Prophet Samuel gathered the people together they fasted and prayed and the lord responded to their their prayers. there is something about prayer and turning from the evil ways according 1st chronicles 7;14 and luke 18;1. So mizpah family believe in prayers we can change the society and builds life through prayers.


Jesus said in Matthew 28;18 to 20 how all the authority has been giving to him.therefore he gave us also the power and authority to go out and preach and teach the people the gospel of christ.So mizpah this is our mission reach out to the lost soul to populate heaven and to depopulate kingdom of satan.

Empower one another is our vision,to bring the body of christ into the altar of prayer,where believers will understand the needs of prayer.And also to lead them to leave a good life for GOD.

Elder Kwame

Elder kwame is the founder and the leader of mizpah prayer line. Elder kwame started the ministry work at the early age. from his sunday school level he became a youth leader at their local church{true disciples pentecostal church} at AHWIAA in kumasi ghana.He became more influential in his local mobilizing the youth for outreach and virgil with prayer and fasting. 1998 Elder kwame travel to Europ he joined Assemblies of GOd church.There he continue the work of GOD by organizing the youth motiviting them to bring out their GOD giving talent through music. Later he started preaching on Radio stations both italy and ghana. Elder has been preaching on Radio for the past 10 years. He is still preaching the word God and his ministry has become blessing to many people across the globe.

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