We are a ministry in India that cares enough about its wonderful people that we seek to bring the love of Jesus Christ to them in tangible and loving ways. We adopt children from destitute homes, run an elementary school, train the poor and unskilled to make a living for their families, teach future ministers to be everything God has called them to be, plant churches right where the people are, and run free medical camps among so much more. India needs Jesus and we need your support.


If you feel led to give, head over to the Support Us page to get information on how to give.

– Help sponsor toward the expenses ($4,500) of our annual convention and Bible college graduation this month.

– Support a boy in our mercy home for $30 a month.

– Sponsor a medical camp for $250.

– Sponsor a sewing machine for $110.

– Sponsor the computer training school for $150 a month.

– Support a local missionary for $60 a month.

– Sponsor a church building for $10,000.

– Help sponsor the cost ($400,000) to buy land and a building for our elementary school. We have started the school already, but we would love to move into a dedicated building for the school.

– Support a Bible college student for $30 a month.

– Help support the expenses (around $5000 per month) at Mizpah Centre.

– Apartment for faculty and staff: We need around $125,000 to construct apartments for faculty and staff at Mizpah Centre. Currently, they are residing in the lower level of the Mercy Home and areas of the dining hall.

– As our Mercy Home at the Mizpah Center keeps growing with more children, we need a compound wall as protection. We are evaluating the cost.

– The Mizpah Center’s students (children, Bible college students and technical school students) meet in various locations on campus for chapels. We would love to centralize the great time of prayer with a chapel right in the middle of the campus. This would be a great blessing to us. We are evaluating the cost.

– Girls Mercy Home: Both our current Mercy Homes are specifically for boys, but we are earnestly seeking to bring life into some of the 9 million girls abandoned in India. Many of them are thrown out into the streets and end up having to work in immoral activities just to survive. We’re looking at purchasing land and building a facility that will house 100 girls. We’re evaluating the cost.

Would you be able to send support for some of these requests? We know there are many expenses, but together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of the people of India!

(Updated August 2011)

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Here at Mizpah, we’re working hard to save and grow lives through Christ through a ministry of compassion. Mizpah is staffed with dedicated people who love doing ministry and love serving God by reaching His people. But we’re not always equipped with resources. Maybe you’ve never been able to go out there and do missions work, but that shouldn’t stop you from putting in your effort through the resources you have available.

With all that we have going on, we have plenty of expenses. Support a child, support a church, support a Bible college student, support the ministry in general, but whatever you do, know that you’re helping spread the Gospel even further than you could ever imagine.

Monthly support is greatly appreciated, as are one-time gifts. Whatever God has laid in your heart to give, we’ll willingly use.

All financial support is tax exempt through our non-profit organization, Mizpah GoodNews Ministries. We will send you a newsletter to keep you updated on what we’re doing with your support. Near the end of the year, we’ll send you a receipt to tally up everything you’ve given to MGM in the past fiscal year for your personal records.

Send all checks to:

Mizpah GoodNews Ministries
P. O. Box 2465
Chandler, AZ 85244-2465

Thank you for blessing God’s work in India!

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